Responsible Ocean Citizens

Responsible Ocean Citizens: The Ocean Basket philosophy
 “The journey begins”


The ocean and the waterways are our core focus as they form the foundation for our business success and provide the motivation for us all to become better and more Responsible Ocean Citizens.

We have a significant stake in maintaining an ocean that is healthy and abundant: The ocean sustains us with the basic elements of life; it produces half the oxygen we breathe, helps to provide the water we drink and delivers us the very core of our business success – seafood.

The world’s beaches support ocean health and the river courses we live alongside feed into this ocean, either transporting fresh water or massive pollutants into the greater resource.

Being a responsible ocean citizen (ROC) means committing to a shared accountability around the right to benefit from the ocean’s resources and the duty to conserve it for future generations.

Ocean citizenship entails adopting new habits at both a company and a personal level and creating a sense of belonging within a community striving to preserve the ocean and its resources.

To achieve these objectives we work with public organisations such as NPOs, aquariums, science centres and our restaurant outlets to promote our philosophy to a wide audience from patrons to media and investors.


A Few facts


  • Ocean trash ranks as one of the most serious pollution problems of our time, affecting the health of people, wildlife and economies;
  • Food waste is the cause of world hunger; not poor food production;
  • Marine life is under threat; and
  • Awareness creates change.

What are we doing?


Easy In-store Changes
We are in the process of building a movement within our stores to inspire all of us to prevent plastic pollution, reduce waste, improve recycling and live cleaner, healthier lives. Watch this space as we begin the rollout of projects over the next 18 months, beginning 2018.

Responsible Seafood
As a company we strive to only purchase seafood that has been harvested in a responsible manner or ethically farmed fish species.

In 2015, for the first time, 51% of fish consumed globally were farmed fish, as opposed to wild caught, and we will continue to explore these options and work alongside locally and use global guidelines from to improve practices.

Create Love
It is our goal, through various activities, including education, outreach and awareness, to become ambassadors of the oceans and rivers. This began with our sponsorship of the Kelp Forest at the Two Oceans aquarium and we are identifying other projects to expand this objective.

Namibian Hake


Ocean Basket currently procures trawled hake from Namibia. Although this hake is currently on the WWF-SASSI Orange-list and does not meet Ocean Basket’s commitments to responsible seafood, we are, as a company, proactively engaged with the Namibian Hake Association and they have committed to MSC certification of their fishery by April 2017.

We believe that by staying engaged with this fishery, we can help to play a role in incentivising improvements and change. The expectation is that once the Namibian Hake Trawl fishery enters into the certification process, they will continually progress towards certification within the given timeframe for each certification step and will be fully certified by September 2018.