STARTERS Pick a few,eat with your hands and share around the table.

SALADS Refreshingly crisp and as cool as a cucumber

FISH For goodness hake...

CALAMARI Grilled or fried we always tentickle your taste buds...

PRAWNSOur crowning glory... To be savoured with the fingers

PLATTERS OF PERFECTIONMore of the best for less!

COMBOS A selection or our customers' favourites!


DESSERTS Life is sweet...



Add any of these extras to any meal.

Haloumi Cheese R25 5 Prince Prawns R35
5 Mussels in Lemon Garlic R30 Calamari R30
6 Onion Rings R12 Chips, Rice or Stir-Fried Veg R15
Butternut & Spinach R18
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